Self-portrait Workshop at school

Today my friend and I did a workshop at our local school with two lots of thirty 5-6 year olds. We came up with an idea of making collage self-portraits, using coloured card, paper and wool. The children were very sweet and enthusiastic, but only about a third of them in each class rose their hand when they were asked if they remember what they look like! 😄

Firstly, here is the idea step by step. The steps are explained in the captions under each photo.

(We used resources offered by the school, but if you would like more colourful results, unwanted wallpaper would make a great backdrop for the portraits and scraps of gift wrap, flower wrapping paper, tissue paper or magazine pictures can be used for the clothes..)

And here is a little gallery of the work produced by the children. Many of them truly looked like their authors!