Rowan earrings – free crochet pattern

Tada! Here is my first ever attempt to write a pattern. Perfect earrings for the current season. They look much nicer in real life.


If made to sell, please credit the pattern author –

PDF pattern can be downloaded from my Ravelry page.

4 colours of crochet cotton, no. 8 (A – olive green, B – yellow, C – rusty brown, – orange/red)
14 small brown or black beads
0.75mm crochet hook
2 cord ends
2 earrings hooks

This pattern uses US terms
ch – chain
ss – slip stitch
sc – single crochet
hdc – half double crochet
dc – double crochet
dec – decrease
st/sts – stitch/stitches


Crochet 16 leaves (8 per earring) in colour A and 6 (3 per earring) in colour B.
1. chain 10
2. skip 1st from hook, sc in next, hdc, dc in each of next 3sts, hdc, sc, ss in next 2 sts and fasten off.

Leaves Cluster

Use colour C to crochet around the leaves. Use 8 leaves of colour A and 3 leaves of colour B per earring. Arrange colours as you please.
1. chain 7
2. sc in each st around a leaf (9),
10th st – sc, ch2, sc,
then sc in each st to the end (9),
ss into the stalk st at the leaf’s base.
3. ch2
Repeat steps 2–3 until you complete 6 leaves
4. ss into 2nd st of the stalk
5. ch1
6. repeat as in step 2
7. ss into each next 2 st of the central stalk
8. repeat steps 5–7 for the rest 4 leaves
9. ss to the end of the stalk and fasten off.
Repeat for the second cluster, mirroring the colours of the leaves. I used spray starch to stop leaves from curling.



Crochet 14 balls (7 per earring), in continuous spiral wrong side out (colour D).
1. 6sc into magic ring (6)
2. 2sc in each st around (12)
3. sc in each st around (12)
4. sc in each st around (12)
5. dec around (6)
Fasten off, leaving a tail for sewing. Stuff with hollow fill.
Put a needle through the front loops only and tighten.
Put a bead on an appr 15 – 20cm long thread of colour C and thread it through each berry (x14).

Plait together ends of 2, 2 and 3 berries for each earring. Join the berries and the leaves clusters ends together, cut the long ends off and fasten with a cord end. I used a drop of a superglue to keep ends together.
Attach the hooks.

Wimbledon earrings

I am rushing to get this post in before the tournament is over. I made these earrings few weeks ago, but only just drew the ‘launching’ picture!

Glad it won’t be all Williams sisters final (sorry, Williams sisters fans)… and shame about Murray today.

The only crocheted detail here is the ball. I bought the hooks and the racquets separately and just put them all together.

If I ever get to sorting out my Etsy shop they’ll be there at £4.50.