Venice of Winchester

It takes a very good discipline to DO creative stuff and to keep WRITING about it! I’m not the type. My favourite subject at school was maths – maybe that’s why I like counting the stitches in crochet… but critical writing – 🙄

Anyway, I wanted to share my recent discovery – a wonderful and humorous crochet world of a Russian artist Yulia Ustinova. The piece below was inspired by her work. I was given lots of red yarn by a friend, and for a long time didn’t know what to make out of it, and then suddenly I thought that’s it would be perfect for a ‘Red girl’, which in Russian is synonymous to a ‘Beautiful maid’ (Красна девица).

She’s on a wire armature and can change positions like a real model.

She somehow managed to sign up to some life drawing classes, and was even invited to few temporary exhibitions at the Louvre. A fine example when your creation starts to live a life on its own!

And finally, few pix of the work in progress, because I like studying this kind of pictures on other people sites.

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4 thoughts on “Venice of Winchester”

    1. My gosh! So sorry I only just saw the comment! Yes, it was all done in one piece, I make sharp ‘bends’ in shape by reducing lots of stitches on one side and adding new ones on the other side of a tube.


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