Amigurumi Daniel

The last but not least child – Daniel, 5. Unusually for a boy he loved ballet since he was 2 (seeing it first on the TV during the closing ceremony of Sochi Olympic Games in Russia). The Nutcracker is his favourite, but he loves watching (and copying) any other classical ballet, as long as there’s a beautiful ballerina in a traditional ballet dress.

There was no question of what Daniel will be crocheted into. Now he is demanding that I should provide him with a professional partner. No chance he is dancing with one of his sisters… (Catherine, Sofia, Gabrielle).

I should really stock up on my props! The only studio mirror I could find was a bit ‘fishy’.
At the bar
The princesses ‘waker upper’
Idea vs. Execution

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Mama of 5, an artist and a craft maker.

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