Amigurumi #3 – Gabrielle

If you have 3 doughters – you gotta make them all!

Meet Gabrielle, the youngest. She is 3 yo., 10cm tall and can stay unaided when wearing her shoes. She is fully wired (even 3 of her 4 fingers can bend individually to hold things – don’t ask me why I didn’t give her 5 fingers – I don’t know!) and is quite flexible even to do yoga.

– What do you think of your new clothes, Gabrielle?
– I wish my eyes were blue as well, but not bad, not bad, I suppose!
– Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest to fly them all?
– I look best in an Autumnal garden!
– I hope these brunches are strong enough to hold the swings!
– Maaaam, Gabrielle has the best clothes! – Sorry, girls, quality comes with experience.
– Voulez-vous du pain, un petit oiseau?
Gabrielle welcomes you in our family home


And now a tiny inlook of the process

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Mama of 5, an artist and a craft maker.

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